About the Trilogy…From These Ashes

Even in history’s darkest times, enlightened men looked to the heart when choosing a friend. From These Ashes, is about a young man from Barnwell County, South Carolina who inherits 150 of his fellow human-beings. Part I, A Friend Loveth at All Times, speaks of the close relationships that existed on plantations between master and slave and the unrecognized struggle for freedom complicated by loyalty to a fair master.

Part II, A Brother Offended, continues the story through the war. The characters serve with the 2nd South Carolina Calvary under Edgefield’s M.C. Butler - sharing in such adventures as Brandy Station, Hampton’s cattle raid and the bitter return to South Carolina to fight against Kilpatrick’s Army, who gloried in burning a path from the low country to Columbia with more vengeance than Sherman dealt Georgia.

COMING in 2011… PART III: Through Wisdom Is A House Built After riding four years with Butler, the main character comes home to find still another challenge. Following true accounts of the Reconstruction in South Carolina, Through Wisdom is a House Built, places the characters into this challenging time and shares a little known history with the reader. From the ashes left behind by Kilpatrick’s invasion, the main character does what is necessary to save his home from the Carpetbaggers and to secure a safe future for those he loves.

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